Design 2D

Design 2D ~ portfolio of original computer graphic design work, photography and art.



Design 2D – Thanks for visiting this site. I am a London UK based graphic designer, painter and photographer.


There are galleries of some of my commercial work, carried out in London for a range of business clients.


Presentation, Graphic design, Microsoft word template, DTP (InDesign) and Photoshop


Photography galleries

People photography, reportage, street photos.

Group, Motion, Portrait and Single

Bird photography

Great Britain, Borneo, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Gambia I, Gambia II, Mexico, Tobago and Trinidad



Coast, Forest and Mountain


Urban architecture, city landscape photography.



Theatre photography

Photographic portfolio of some select theatre plays, Amateur stage productions.



Photomontage photographic work

Prcessed film experimental photomontage and negative process works



Art Portfolio

Gallery of painting, drawing, computer generated paintings and theatre set work.




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