Graphic Designer, DTP, PhotoShop and Presentation portfolio

Designer for a range of clients, these are examples of DTP, Presentation, MS Office, PhotoShop and posters I have produced.


DTP desktop publishing work Reports, brochures, newsletters, flyers, business cards, placemats, custom booklets, training documents and other marketing collateral


Graphic design Maps, charts, diagrams, models and concept graphics.

MS Office

Microsoft Word and Excel Template design Brochures, newsletters, reports, documents and a range of marketing publications.


Posters Print and email, facebook and other internet advertising.

Presentations Designer

PowerPoint Presentation design On-screen and print, interactive, web cast and conference, following in-house brand guidelines and bespoke designs. Employing a range of graphic formats, embedded images and sound and movie files.

Web design

Websites and email newsletters.


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